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Road racing courses feature multiple and variable conditions and RACETEC™ RR compound specifications have been developed to cope with all of them.
The compound recipes of RACETEC™ RR blend a selection of polymers and resins with different grades of carbon black to maximise hysteresis - even on slippery surfaces.
RACETEC™ RR fronts conform to the micro-granularity of tarmac delivering more grip and wear resistance, to last longer on severe asphalt; the blend of polymers features also high flexibility at lower temperatures.
Thanks to RACETEC™ RR distinctive versatility of use on a wide range of asphalts and temperatures, the front tyre compound choice should be primarly made on rider’s preferences between higher stability and precision when entering the corner (K2 version) rather than predictability and “edge grip” feeling (K1 version)

Note: K1 = Soft, K2 = Medium, K3 = Hard.
Temperature scale refers to tyre operating temperature. Compound choice can vary depending on bike setup and riding style

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